My thoughts on Skinny Beautea 28 day Teatox program

One of the biggest challenges of using food when it comes to weight loss is taste. Having a product that can help you lose weight is great but if the taste is something less than desirable then it becomes a chore rather than a reward. There are products that I’ve used that give you the best of both worlds however, and one of those products is called the Skinny Beautea. It’s a great tasting product that helps you lose weight and feel better all around. I decided to give you a few of my thoughts on this product in this post.

Seeing Results with Skinny Beautea

Skinny BeauteaSummer will be here before you know it and now is the time to start getting into shape. And with the Skinny Beautea you can do so in just 28 days. The Skinny Beautea teatox program comes in two different time frames. They are 14 day and a 28 day. I opted for the 28 day since I needed more time and wasn’t entirely sure about the taste when I ordered. After 28 days of using the product I can definitely tell a difference in my weight  and will be ordering again soon.

When you order the product you get the complete 28 days worth of Skinny Beautea daytime tea and they also include the night time tea as well. And I’m not sure if it’s included in the 14 day program and a great looking pink infuser was included in the 28 day program. They also didn’t charge me for shipping on any of it so that was certainly a plus.

What’s In Skinny Beautea?

I’ve made a very conscious effort lately to consume as many natural and organic products as I can. So of course I needed to know what was in this teatox program. The Skinny Beautea is made from top quality loose leaf with absolutely no sugars added or other chemicals that many of the supplements now carry. Cleaning out your body should be comprised of adding more chemicals to it. Skinny Beautea understands this and that’s why I’m recommending them so heavily.

Get a KickStart from Your Tea

Losing weight is a great feeling but I wanted to touch on something else that the Skinny Beautea helped me with and that was how I felt when using the product. It gives you a feeling of energy and certainly helps those times when workouts seem like such a chore. The increased energy boost helped me face the workouts and yoga sessions much better than before I used it.

Imagine sitting in front of the fireplace and enjoying a nice cup of tea. Many of us have experienced this and the feeling of relaxation that it gives us. Now imagine enjoying that great cup of tea and it helps you lose weight and gives you energy and focus and you can quickly see why this tea works so well.

Rid Your Body of The Toxins

Using the Skinny Beautea teatox program can help rid your body of toxins and give you a feeling of energy and focus. And if you’re feeling a bit bloated it can help with that too. If you want to know more about this great product then visit their website at and also check out some of the others who have used this product and found results on their Instagram Page.

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