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After searching for some recipes online I came across a website that I had to share. It’s by a great writer Deborah Dolen who has written many books on DIY subjects. But the website that really made me so happy was the recipe site in which she writes for. Finding items that I never even thought of were right there on the site. One of my favorites was the DIY Vitamin Water. She has a recipe that allows you to create your own vitamin water and it is fantastic. There are loads of other recipes that are available on the site as well. Some of my favorites are listed below.

Deborah DolenThree salads that I really love are the BBQ Potato Salad, Kidney Bean Salad, and the Waldorf Fruit Salad. Although these salads can be made for small dishes and family meals she gives the instructions to make enough for 30 people on all three. This works great when you need a fast simple recipe to go to a pot luck supper or some other event that requires you to bring food. Don’t worry these salads are great tasting as well so you’re sure to receive plenty of compliments.

But it’s not only just salad recipes listed on the site, Deborah Dolen is also an animal lover and she also included a no bake dog  treat recipe for our lovable canine friends.

After reading more about Deborah Dolen I had to learn more. I found she has 29 books on DIY projects that range from Kitchen Art to Aromatherapy. Check out some of her books and get to know more about her. She currently lists her books for sale on Amazon and other popular book sites. Check out her books by visiting her Deborah Dolen site which has them set up in categories so they are much easier to find.

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