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Getting in shape can have all sorts of health benefits. Just by losing a few extra pounds when we’re overweight can give us more energy and a feeling of accomplishment. Recently, I wanted to attend a dinner with a great friend of mine that I hadn’t seen in a few years. Of course, the last time I seen her I was about 15 pounds lighter and I certainly didn’t want to show up looking larger. Even though getting older means our metabolism slows down, it’s not something I want to face. I knew I had to do something and what I found might just surprise you.

Losing Weight Fast with Tea?

weight loss tea Sitting down each evening with a cup of tea always seemed to relieve stress. It’s more of a comfort for me and it gives me a chance to really think about things that happen each day. I didn’t drink tea for weight loss but after reading a few articles on the subject I decided to give it a try.

I decided to get those extra pounds off but I didn’t want to spend hours in the gym. I do workout regularly but dropping an extra 15 pounds means I had to take my calorie burn up a few more notches. I simply didn’t have the extra time or the extra willpower to be honest. So I started to drink tea to lose weight. I simply started supplementing a few items and drank the weight loss tea instead. And the results were quite amazing.

Here’s some of the benefits of tea to lose weight:

  • You’ll feel much less hungry since the tea acts as an appetite suppressant
  • Tea gives you a feeling of energy and it can really help in times when you exercise or workout
  • Drinking tea to lose weight also improves your metabolism. Something that I was lacking
  • Tastes great! Something that helps you lose weight and tastes great is always a plus!

As a tea drinker anyway I felt these benefits were right in line with the amount of weight I planned to lose. And it was something I already enjoyed doing so I decided to give it a try. After all, if you could lose weight eating ice cream wouldn’t you do it?

Combine with a Great Diet and Exercise

Although I didn’t want to add any exercises into my workout I thought it would be a good idea to mention them. Exercising can absolutely help you lose weight and when coupled with tea to lose weight. The tea gives you extra stamina and can also help you burn more calories during your workout.

But just adding a bit of exercise isn’t all there is. To get the most benefit from this sort of diet is to eat right and even substitute a few of the snacks you eat. For me it was replacing a snack mid-morning. The chocolate or pastry always seem to help give me an energy boost. So replacing it with tea just made since since it also gives me a boost of energy.

I Made My Goal and Then Some!

I lost a whooping 17 pounds while I was doing this diet and I feel great! Both emotionally and physically. Let’s face it, when you lose weight and reach a target weight it always makes you feel better. I met with my friend and I she immediately complimented me on my figure. So the next time I need to shed weight fast I’ll start with some tea to lose weight first.



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