Happy Slimming with Progesterone to Again Fit Into Your Favorite Jeans

Maintaining body weight is sometimes difficult and frustrating. We all may have heard that weight loss cannot be achieved due to some connection with hormones. This is prominent in women, who are in middle-aged, some who take birth control pills and who already have children. This condition is called estrogen dominance. In this, the progesterone level goes too low. A few important reasons for this are –

  • Calories turn to fat due to excessive estrogen
  • Your thyroid hormone functions efficiently due to progesterone
  • Insulin levels go low with progesterone
  • Fluid retention is reduced with progesterone
  • It is a natural sleeping aid
  • It is naturally anti inflammatory

Progesterone and Progestin

There is a huge difference between bio identical progesterone and progestin. Bio identical progesterone is similar to what our body makes and is also recognized. Therefore, it is also used by the body. Progestin does not show the same molecular strength. Therefore, it is not accepted by the body. This is because a drug company cannot make a molecule similar to the one existing in nature. Companies make money through patents. Progestin also worsens the cases and causes problems.

Progestin is bad to a level that it can actually stop the process of the body that naturally produces progesterone. Hence, women gain weight, show estrogen dominance and retain fluid due to consumption of birth control pills that contain progestin.

Steps for hormonal balance

Progesterone therapy can easily treat estrogen dominance. Saliva testing helps to know more about the balance and levels of estrogen. Then you can accordingly plan a treatment to maintain estrogen balance and indirectly hormonal balance. Therefore, you will get the following benefits-

  • Better sleep
  • Better mental functioning
  • Improves libido
  • Good mood
  • Weight loss

Sometimes hormones cause momentary weight gain initially, but as and when the bodies adjust to increased level of progesterone, the weight comes to normal. Many people are unaware of the relation between weight loss and progesterone. Hence, discontinue the use of the hormones after initial weight gain.


Relation between weight loss and progesterone

We all produce progesterone naturally. It is more in women during pregnancy and menstruation. We can increase its levels by taking some natural foods, dairy products, capsules or injections. It also helps in maintaining the body weight and does not allow extra fat production. It also has several benefits like low insulin level, better metabolism, better thyroid functioning, etc. but for a primary goal of weight loss there are many other ways. Therefore, while taking in progesterone for medical weight loss, one should take medical advice.


Estrogen and progesterone together work in maintaining the hormonal balance. However, excess estrogen turns into fat. This estrogen is in turn balanced by progesterone. All in all, hormone therapies are critical issues. In addition, all of them involve benefits as well as risks. Hence, it is best suggested to opt for hormones with proper medical prescription. This will ensure happy weight loss along with hormonal balance under medical advice.

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