Does Smoking Help You Lose Weight

Does Smoking Help You Lose Weight?

It’s a common saying among smokers who are trying to quit is that they may start to gain weight after they quit. And although smoking is really bad for you many people tend to believe that continuing to smoke is better than gaining weight. In this article I’ll look at some of the reasons why people believe that and answer the questions does smoking help you lose weight as well.

So Does Smoking Help You Lose Weight?

As a former smoker, I realize just how difficult it is to quit this habit. In fact, it’s extremely difficult and many times people will tell themselves things just so they can justify smoking somehow. It’s likely where the myth about gaining weight when you quit smoking came from. Personally I think that the reason that so many people tend to gain any weight after they were smokers is because they want to keep their hands busy.

When you smoke and there is a cigarette in your hand your mind thinks that your hand is busy. So if you quit smoking you think that you need to keep your hand busy. This is where the myth of gaining weight when you quit smoking starts. Because you’re thinking that something needs to be in your hand you may pick up food and start eating. Not because you’re hungry but because you think your hand needs to be doing something.

So thinking you can start smoking and lose weight is just wrong. If you want to know does smoking help you lose weight then the answer is no. You’re only tricking your mind into thinking that it will help you lose weight. Besides the health risks of smoking is very bad. There are many ways to lose weight that are much safer than smoking.

If you currently smoke and need some help quitting make sure you look at some of the smoking cessation products such as gum, patches, and other items. And although smoking will not help you lose weight there are many other methods you can use to lose weight. For more information be sure to check out some of the resources at today.

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