Red Tea Detox Review : Should You Use This Popular Weight Loss Program?

It’s New Year’s Eve again. Another 365 days of unfulfilled resolutions passed you by. You’ve been telling yourself for years now that you’re going to lose weight, eat healthier, lead an active lifestyle, but the number on the scale hasn’t gone down. Well, a new year is right around the corner. And sure, you say that every year. But are you going to let yourself continue down the unhealthy path you’re on? Or are you going to take action and reshape your life? Read this Red Tea Detox review to learn more about how you may be able to lose weight quickly and keep it off. 

Red Tea Detox Review : Should You Use This Popular Weight Loss Program?

Red Tea Detox Creator Elizabeth (Liz) Swann MillerLucky for you, Liz Swann Miller created an effective program to help you achieve your New Year’s resolution and finally lose some weight. It’s called the Red Tea Detox, a three phase program designed to help its participants trim down. Miller used it herself and reported losing 14 pounds in 14 days before going on to lose a total of 41 pounds. Other people who used her program claimed they lost upwards of 50 pounds. We’ll take a closer look at this product in this full, in-depth Red Tea Detox review to help you determine if it’s right for you.

The Red Tea Detox Review

Regardless of how much weight you’re actually trying to lose, people who have invested in Miller’s Red Tea Detox books continue to leave Red Tea Detox reviews about how much healthier they feel and that their energy levels have never been better.

What’s So Great About Red Tea and the Red Tea Detox?

African Red Tea is a caffeine-free, low-calorie tea made from bushes in South Africa. It contains a lot of important minerals, such as iron, calcium, and potassium. The red tea also has high amounts of antioxidants, which aid the body to neutralize free radicals, or reactive molecules that could harm other cells. African Red Tea has been shown to help relieve stress and lowers your blood pressure, which can help a lot with losing weight.

While all of these benefits are important, Miller’s Red Tea Detox capitalizes on its naturally sweet flavor. This makes it a great replacement for sugar additives and artificial sweeteners that are commonly used in food and beverages nowadays. Since so many people ingest excessive amounts of sugar, replacing sodas or other sugary drinks with this red tea can already improve your health by lowering your risk of heart problems. However, as you’ll learn with this Red Tea Detox review, Miller’s books will guide you through a weight loss routine that incorporates the red tea in the most effective way.

Red Tea Detox Three Phase Program

So, what’s the secret to the Red Tea Detox? Miller has three books outlining different phases of her weight loss program. The three phases are eating, exercise, and mindset. Within each phase, Miller provides lists of foods to eat and avoid, as well as explanations and cited research articles to back up her practice.

Red Tea Detox Eating PlanPhase 1 Eating

Under the first phase of eating, Miller goes into detail about why the red tea cleanse is necessary. Specifically, people undergoing this detox are supposed to drink African Red Tea before a five day detox period. The thought process behind a detox, which is short for detoxification, is to rid the body of harmful and unwanted toxins that could damage your liver and mess with your metabolism. The effects toxins have on your metabolism could contribute to your difficulty with maintaining a healthy weight or inability to lose weight. That’s one reason why Miller is such a strong advocate for cleansing the body in her Red Tea Detox program. During this first phase, you can expect to lose between 5 and 10 pounds.

Red Tea Detox Workout PlanPhase 2 Exercise

The second phase of the Red Tea Detox consists of specific exercise routines. They’re designed so that you can do them in the comfort of your own home without any special or expensive equipment. These daily exercises should take up no more than half an hour of your day, according to Miller’s book. The main purpose behind these exercises is to improve your metabolism and lose weight at a faster rate. In addition to working out, Phase Two has a restrictive list of foods you can eat. Many who went through the Red Tea Detox said it was the hardest phase for this reason and it showed with many of the Red Tea Detox review online. All it took was a bit of extra self-discipline. On the bright side, the second phase is also the shortest one, so you won’t have that many restrictions for a long amount of time.

Red Tea Detox MindsetPhase 3 Mindset

The third and final phase of the Red Tea Detox is centered on your mindset. When you decide to go through a program such as Miller’s, your attitude is arguably the most important component; without a positive mental state and persistence, losing weight would be nearly impossible. With that in mind, Miller set aside an entire phase dedicated to developing your self-esteem and motivation to achieve your goals from the beginning of the Red Tea Detox. This phase also works toward healing your liver, which can be damaged from all of the toxins that were present in your system before setting out to do the Red Tea Detox. Miller cites a lot of studies and resources to support her method of nursing your liver back to health. The focus on both physical and mental health makes for an effective and satisfying end to the Red Tea Detox so that you didn’t just lose weight, but improved your quality of life as well.

Red Tea Detox Bonuses

Not only do Miller’s Red Tea Detox books guide you on your path to a healthier weight, but you’ll also receive bonus gifts for reading this Red Tea Detox review. The package includes a book of 100 green smoothie recipes that are healthy and delicious, so you can maintain a proper weight while still enjoying what you eat and drink. You’ll also have access to a super food guide, five celebrity detox methods, and weight loss hypnosis audio.

Red Tea Detox Review Bonus 1Red Tea Detox Review Bonus 2Red Tea Detox Review Bonus 3Red Tea Detox Review Bonus 4

Important Notes to Keep in Mind About the Red Tea Detox Review

Many people who used the Red Tea Detox to lose weight have raved about it, but also mentioned some components that surprised them or were particularly difficult. For instance, one person commented on how essential it was to maintain a low-carb diet throughout the detox. The specific foods to eat are outlined in Miller’s book, but they included less carbs than some expected. That being said, one major point of this detox is to have your body transition from burning carbs to burning high-octane, which is abundant in African Red Tea. So having a low-carb diet is essential for this change.

That’s where the red tea comes into play. You’re basically trading out carbs for red tea. In fact, you’ll be drinking six glasses of red tea per day. Miller’s special recipe makes six glasses per serving, which takes about 30 minutes to prepare. This means that one batch of red tea should last you a whole day. However, if you’re super busy or want to save some time, it’s recommended to double or triple the recipe amounts and save the extra servings for the days to come. I thought this should be mentioned more in the sales copy of the page so I decided to make sure I included in this Red Tea Detox review so you would know about it before purchasing.

What Everyone Loves About Red Tea Detox Product

The Red Tea Detox ProductRed Tea Detox reviews all over the Internet will tell you time after time how effective and manageable the Red Tea Detox is. But what specific aspects make it so great? For starters, it works! If you go through the Red Tea Detox, you’re going to lose weight. If, for some reason, you don’t drop all the pounds you wanted to, simply repeat the cycle until you reach your desired weight. Your body can only lose so many pounds in a given amount of time without it being unhealthy. The Red Tea Detox isn’t supposed to test the limits of how quickly your body can lose weight; it’s simply an effective method to help you burn off extra fat, and by extension, drop a few pounds. Follow the eating guide, get your exercise in, and keep your chin up as this Red Tea Detox review says. You’ll be a healthier weight in no time.

One reason why the Red Tea Detox is so effective is because it targets the root of weight problems, which is another part that people loved about the program. The Red Tea Detox is based on fueling your body with nutrients that are natural. It helps you eliminate high-sugar and artificial foods and drinks from your diet, which will make you feel more energized and have a better mood. It’s like filling your car with a milkshake instead of the gasoline it needs; of course it’s not going to run properly! You need to fuel your car, and yourself, with the proper nutrients.

Luckily, the sources for these nutrients recommended by the Red Tea Detox are very affordable. People who were worried at first about the cost of doing Miller’s program raved about how cheap her meal plan was to buy and said it was all easy to prepare.

The Red Tea Detox Download

Not only was the food easy to make, but people who did the Red Tea Detox also commented on how manageable the exercise program was in their Red Tea Detox review. Those who consistently did the exercise routines lost weight much faster, experienced better moods, and said they had higher energy levels.

Overall, the Red Tea Detox is a great way to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time. But it also helps you develop better lifestyle habits. Eating healthy food, exercising, and maintaining a positive attitude are all critical for staying at the healthy weight that you’ll achieve with the Red Tea Detox. Not only will you look better, but you’ll feel better too, both mentally and physically.

What Could Be Better with Red Tea Detox

Some people who used the Red Tea Detox, although they loved it, recognized a few parts that were especially difficult for them. The general consensus is that staying disciplined is the hardest part of the Red Tea Detox. Everybody wants to give in to temptation or even the slightest food craving, especially when you’re on a diet. On the bright side, red tea is known to satiate your appetite, so it should keep you feeling full for a while. You just need to make sure you eat the designated foods when you’re supposed to, and after the first few days of the Red Tea Detox, it should already be easier to stay on track.

As for the program itself, some users complained in their Red Tea Detox review about having to pay extra for the audiobook version of the Red Tea Detox books. Some people said that the books seemed repetitive, but this is most likely because Miller felt the need to emphasize certain points about the Red Tea Detox so that you can have the best results after doing the detox.

Red Tea Detox Review: Is Red Tea Detox for You?

Unless you have underlying health problems that cause you to be overweight, the Red Tea Detox is a great way to lose weight and improve your lifestyle. If you have other conditions that contribute significantly to your weight, it would be healthier and more effective to address that directly rather than just go through a detox program such as this one.

Otherwise, using the Red Tea Detox is an affordable and simple way to achieve your desired weight. And as you’ve read in this Red Tea Detox review article, it works fast. Many people have raved about the program and are thrilled with their results. Although it can be mentally challenging to stick with it, everybody says it’s well worth the challenge. And better yet, people who did the Red Tea Detox and continued to eat healthier foods, like those from the bonus book on super foods, had more energy and better moods even after they finished the detox. In other words, Miller’s Red Tea Detox is not only a great way to lose weight, but also a series of books with important advice and routines to incorporate into your daily life to stay healthy and happy.

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