Lose the Sugar

Ready to Lose Weight? Then Lose the Sugar for Weight Loss

Sweets and sugary snacks are all around us. From waiting in line at the grocery stores to the freshly baked cakes at the coffee shop in the mornings. Let’s face it, when you’re trying to lose weight these sugary snacks are some of the last things you need in your diet. Learning how to shy away from sugar can help you weight loss efforts.

Reasons Why You Should Give Up Sugar

Lose the SugarApart from the obvious reason (losing weight) there are many reasons why you’ll want to give up sugar. One thing in particular is that it’s got addictive properties. When you eat sugar your brain releases dopamine and it makes you feel good. This sort of high is what people remember and when they are feeling down they grab that sugary snack.

This can have drastic effects if you’re snacking each and every day till soon you’ll start getting down about being overweight. And you eat more sugary snacks to feel better and it only makes you gain weight. This vicious cycle is so easy to get caught up in as well. Learning how to break the cycle is your key to better health.

There are many other reasons to give up sugar including dental health. You can read many more reasons why sugar is so bad for you as well as benefits you get from removing it from your diet by reading the post on reasons to give up sugar.

Cutting Sugar Out of Your Life

Most people associate sugar with positive things in their life. They remember going to the store as kids and getting a candy bar. Or the sugary orange slices that they enjoyed with someone one day. Whatever the reason you have to eat sugar you need to consider how bad it is for you. Finding ways to remove it from your life can help you kick the habit.

Compare Sugar to Exercise

With any food I love that is not good for me I like to compare it to exercise. So I don’t consider a doughnut 200 calories. I consider it a 30 minute walk and it really helps me shy away from foods like these. I also don’t reward myself after a workout or walk with sugary snacks. There’s no need to completely destroy my hard work now is there.

If you’re having trouble removing sugar from your life then consider weening yourself from it. Start small, after all Rome wasn’t built in a day. Start with small steps and continually get better control of the sugar situation in your life. Trust me after you lose your first waist size you’ll thank me.

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