Metabolic Cooking Review

What Grapefruits Can Teach You About Losing Weight with Metabolic Cooking

The first few days of a diet go so well. You’re eating the foods that the diet plan call for and even throwing in some extra steps here and there to burn more calories. But after a week or two things start to go downhill fast. You don’t see any change on the weight scale other than the initial few pounds you lost.

You’ve now started to cheat a bit and you also start doubting if the diet plan even works at all. More importantly, you start doubting yourself whether you can even stay on this diet plan.

This happens to so many people when they use a diet plan or system to lose weight. They get so frustrated when they stick to a diet plan and see very disappointing results. Eventually they give up and start back into a lifestyle of eating the wrong foods and gaining even more weight then when they started.

Getting frustrated with your diet plan is common and there are many diet plans on the market today that promise a lot and deliver very little in terms of losing weight and getting healthy. But there is one diet plan that breaks down not only what you eat but also how you eat it. It’s called Metabolic cooking and it makes dieting easier and more delicious than ever.

Here’s The Causes of a Failing Diet Plan

There are two main factors that can make or break a diet. The first factor is the food you’re eating. Eating the wrong foods can be disastrous for any diet. You certainly could not eat cake every day and lose weight.

Although eating cake each day is an exaggeration many people simply eat the wrong foods when they are dieting. Let’s take the grapefruit diet for instance. I personally dislike grapefruits and avoid them totally. But I did try them when I was looking into the grapefruit diet plan. Eating grapefruits each day didn’t appeal to me at all and there was no way I could stick to a diet plan like that.

Eating foods like this over and over will get old rather quickly and this is one of the problems that people face on these diet plans. They don’t have much of a variety and when they do it’s usually made with many of the same ingredients.

The second problem that you may face when using a diet program may be hard to accept. But it’s You.

I’m not saying a person can choose to fail at a diet plan. But your body can get into a plateau and make changes to stop losing weight. Storing fat for times when it’s needed is what your body does naturally. When it senses there is a deficit to how much fat is being lost to how much is being taken it then it makes changes.

What helped you lose weight to begin with doesn’t really help you lose weight now and you can’t figure out why. Maybe it’s your body that has changed to compensate and keep your stored fat. You can combat this by variation and changing things up in your diet plan. Unfortunately, most diet plans don’t account for this and this is why most seem like they stop working after a few weeks.



So What Can You Do About Your Body and These Diet Programs That Don’t Seem to Work?

Now that you know what the problem it’s time to find a solution.

Many people blame the slow down of metabolism in their bodies to age. And while this is true there are other factors that play a part. Consider that most people eat the same foods for years or even decades. Their bodies know that these foods contain certain vitamins and minerals and gets accustomed to them.

Breaking this cycle and eating foods that aren’t that same as you always have can really shake things up. But eating the wrong foods can shake them up in a way that doesn’t help very much when it comes to lowering the weight scale like so many of us want to do.

So you’ll need to learn to cook and eat the right foods for the best results. This sort of cooking is called metabolic cooking and can really make a difference in your weight loss efforts. Most fat loss cookbooks and programs don’t take into account how your body reacts to the ingredients of their recipes and therefore you end up losing weight in the beginning and then it tapers off.

Metabolic cooking uses ingredients that are designed to help your body burn more fat. I’ll give you an example. When you eat an ingredient that is made up of only fat and has 100 calories it will only take 5 calories for your body to digest it and move it where it needs to be. However if you’re eating protein that is 100 calories, your body will spend as much as 35 calories breaking it down and moving it around. That’s a huge difference and can make a huge difference in your diet plan as well.

Knowing the right ingredients to cook in the foods you eat can make or break your diet. So in order to really make your diet work and keep working after a few weeks you’ll need to start eating foods that are prepared using the metabolic cooking method.


So Exactly How to Cook Metabolically?

Cooking metabolically is best done by getting the Metabolic Cooking Cookbook offered by Fat Loss cooking experts Dave Ruel and Karine Losier. It’s been featured on many weight loss and fitness shows, magazines, and websites.

The Metabolic Cooking Cookbook is very easy to follow and has recipes for all sorts of dishes. From breakfast smoothies to full blown dinners this cookbook has hundreds of recipes that you can use to help your body lose weight and keep it off using metabolic cooking techniques.

The program comes with eBooks and videos and even bonus files to help you on your weight loss journey. You can check out the entire program by clicking here.





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