is swimming good for weight loss

Is Swimming Good for Weight Loss?

Swimming is a lot more than just a sport. There are millions of people who enjoy getting into the water of their pool or local lake and just lounge around. But many people want to take this fun past time and transform it into something that they can use to lose weight. The question that always comes up when they attempt this is usually: “Is swimming good for weight loss?“. Although they think that simple exercises in the pool, lake, river, or ocean is a great way to lose weight, you may be surprised at just how much it helps you.

Is This Really True? Is Swimming Good for Weight Loss?

is swimming good for weight loss

If you want to judge just how much weight you can lose by swimming just take a look at some of the professional swimmers. Although they are in the pools much more than a normal person their physique is always in tip top shape. The question is whether you’re ready to spend that much time in the pool just to have the same physique as they do. Of course, many people simply don’t have the time or will power to spend hours each day in a pool swimming. They would rather do something else that is faster to lose weight.

However, even if you don’t want to spend hours in the pool swimming to lose weight you can shed those extra pounds if you do it right. There’s no need to spend hours getting in shape and you can lose a considerable amount of weight in just a short time with swimming. One of the best advantages in swimming is the fact that it can really give you a good cardio workout while you’re still having fun.

The Advantages of Swimming to Lose Weight

is swimming good for weight loss

  • Swimming is a very low impact sport that is very good for persons with bad joints or pain in their joints. Unlike running which has more impact on your knees you can get the same amount of calorie burn with swimming without the impact.
  • You also include your entire body with you swim to lose weight. From shoulders to abdominal to legs you’ll get a much more intense workout that targets your entire body with swimming. This fact alone should answer the question is swimming good for weight loss.
  • Although swimming is a great cardio workout it also targets muscles for strength as well. Depending on how much intensity you add to your workout you can really take your strength training to the next level with swimming.

One of the greatest things about swimming is the fact that it can burn a huge amount of calories. This intense calorie burn can help you lose weight much more quickly than simple exercises that target only specific areas of your body. By swimming you’ll drop more pounds faster and can be  a very good alternative to traditional weight loss methods. I hope I’ve answered the question is swimming good for weight loss but just in case you missed it the answer is a resounding yes!

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