is running good for weight loss

Is Running Good for Weight Loss?

There are many things you can do that can help you lose weight. However there has been some question around is running good for weight loss. Many people think that it is and I agree but there are some things about this fitness exercise that needs to be addressed so that people understand how it helps you lose weight and the speed at which it takes to lose weight running.

Are You Asking Yourself Is Running Good for Weight Loss?

is running good for weight lossIf you are then chances are you’ve given this exercise a shot and maybe didn’t see spectacular results. Before I answer the question I think there is something that we need to talk about and that is calorie burn. Running can burn a huge amount of calories each workout. Burning these calories will help you lose weight. It is an old adage, eat less and move more to lose weight. That can also be said as eat less calories each day and burn more calories each day and you’ll lose weight.

We know that running burns calories, so if it burns calories then we must lose weight when we are running as long as our calorie intake is less than we have burned. It makes perfect sense that this exercise will help you lose weight. The problem is many people don’t think that running is good for weight loss. There are some problems that may be associated with running and I will outline them below.

Problems with Running for Weight Loss

The first problem that many people encounter is they don’t see the weight falling off. What they don’t understand is that running is an intense muscle workout that will tone muscles while helping you lose weight. This muscle buildup even though it may be small can have an effect on your weight since muscle weighs more than fat. So even though you’re getting into shape and toning your body you may not see it on the scales.

Don’t Reward Yourself More Than You’ve Done

Lots of people think that just because they have done a workout or jogging that they can reward theirselves with a treat. This is dieting suicide and you will likely treat yourself to more than you’ve done. For instance, having a piece of cake after you have ran for 30 minutes may actually make you gain weight. So many times people will overshoot what they think they have done and erase all the gains that they have made. If you’re giving yourself these rewards each day after a workout you don’t need to worry about is running good for weight loss and focus more on the exercises rather than the rewards.

Running is Not Just For Weight Loss

is running good for weight loss marathonThere are lots of ways you can turn running into a fun event and not just a drab weight loss routine. You can run in marathons or small 5K events in your hometown or surrounding areas. It’s a great way to get out and socialize with others. It can also give you a sense of accomplishment when you have reached a goal of finishing just like it can when you reach a weight goal. The trick is to think of running not only as good for weight loss but also as a competition and part of your lifestyle. This can truly help you lose weight and get a better look.

I hope I have answered the question is running good for weight loss and given you the insight as to why so many people use running as a way to lose weight as well as make them feel better. I’ve been running for some time and for me it’s more of a stress remover as well.

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