Flat Belly Detox Review

Have you ever felt insecure about the way you look? Did you ever step on the scale and feel your heart sink as you saw the number steadily go up over time? Have you been bullied for how you look? Or feel too self-conscious to go out in public? Have you tried all of the diets, exercise, and fitness plans you could find, but still can’t get the results you want?You’re not alone. And as you’ll see in this Flat Belly Detox Review the plan you need may be right in front of you to make a better, healthier life for yourself. 

Flat Belly Detox Review

The Flat Belly Detox program was designed for people like you who have tried to lose weight by fasting, counting calories, going on bizarre smoothie diets, and every other crazy fad that doesn’t have any real scientific basis. But look no further than this Flat Belly Detox review, this program will help you slim down in no time.

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Josh Houghton, the founder of this incredible weight loss program, struggled with his weight all his life. He grew up being bullied every day at school, constantly reminded of how overweight he was. Eventually, Houghton was severely obese and at risk for a number of health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension. His doctor told him he wouldn’t live to see his sixtieth birthday.

Houghton’s health problem affected not only him, but every aspect of his life. He always felt tired and could never get much done at work, even after a good night’s sleep. He couldn’t go on dates with his wife because he was so insecure about the way he looked. In fact, he didn’t even hire a photographer for their wedding because he didn’t want his future kids to see him so unhealthy and overweight. Needless to say, Houghton felt helpless, embarrassed, and out of options.

Attempts at Other Diets Before the Flat Belly Detox

He spent hours doing research on low-fat diets, Atkins, and even green smoothie recipes. He tried all of these options, but the number on the scale never wavered. Houghton figured the next step would be to exercise more, maybe hire a personal trainer. So he hit the gym and started doing intense cardio workouts and high-intensity interval training. However, after months of exercising multiple times per week, he stepped on the scale and was appalled; he gained weight.

This was the last straw for Houghton. All of the time and effort he spent researching, eating healthy, and exercising had failed him. He didn’t know what else to do, so he called up an old friend of his, who was also a personal trainer. They exchanged ideas and research articles on methods to lose weight, and Houghton was shocked to discover that he had the complete wrong approach.

It turns out that his low-fat diet caused more problems than it solved. In fact, Houghton learned that low-fat foods, such as yogurt, cereal, and salad dressing, contain more sugar and other unhealthy ingredients that are actually more harmful than fat. He began a new wave of research and developed what he calls his Fat Burning Bible that contains foods to avoid, healthy recipes, and a 20-day blueprint of how to lose weight. When he used this system, he lost 37 pounds in just 20 days, which translated into dropping seven inches off his waistline.

Houghton went on to lose over 110 pounds overall, and felt like a completely new and improved version of himself. He was confident again. He could take his wife on romantic dates without feeling judged by others. He had more energy and felt happier than he had in years. Houghton was even more productive at his job and received compliments for his work ethic, in addition to his new physical appearance.

The best part about Houghton’s Flat Belly Detox program is that you don’t have to make any severe lifestyle changes. Houghton always hated weight loss systems where you had to fast or eat a restrictive list of foods and exercise all the time. In fact, Houghton made no changes to his lifestyle; he only added in a few types of food to his daily routine and ate a special soup every night. He could still eat his favorite foods. He didn’t have to spend hours exercising every day, which he was grateful for since he always hated exercise. Instead, he just added in a couple of extra components to his daily routine. His weight loss from using the Flat Belly Detox was cheap, manageable, and, most importantly, it transformed his life for the better, and it will surely have the same effect on you.


Houghton developed the Flat Belly Detox program by spending countless hours online, reading the latest research on effective ways to lose weight. The most important thing he learned, which is thoroughly explained in his book, was about insulin resistance.

Insulin is a hormone that the body produces to convert ingested sugar into energy on a cellular level. Having an insulin deficit can result in diabetes. And more often than not, people who eat too much sugar, or have high amounts of glucose in their bloodstream, will develop an insulin resistance. In fact, over eighty million people have been diagnosed with insulin resistance. This condition will prevent the body from converting sugar into energy, so your body will have a surplus of sugar circulating the bloodstream. All of this extra sugar will contribute to other health problems, such as hypertension and heart problems.

For Houghton, who experienced insulin resistance firsthand, the surplus of glucose in his system resulted in visceral fat deposits around vital organs, which included his heart and his stomach. Visceral fat, informally known as thick fat, can put its victims at risk for serious health problems. Houghton was already on track for these health issues, like heart attacks, heart disease, and more. It wasn’t a matter of if, but when he would experience them.

Learning about how his insulin resistance was connected to his health problems served as motivation for Houghton to take control of his life and make some changes. That’s how he came up with the Flat Belly Detox, which is designed to help you burn off stubborn visceral fat around your abdominal region. This fat is the most unhealthy, but also the hardest to lose, which is why Houghton designed an effective program to guide you every step of the way.

The Flat Belly Detox has three main steps: instant energy breakfast, lean lunch, and soup detox dinner. The instant energy breakfast is meant to help boost your fat-burning hormones. In other words, Houghton’s program is designed to help your body shift to use fat as a main source of energy. This transition will lead to your body burning more fat and losing the unhealthy weight around your stomach area.

The detox’s second and third steps, a lean lunch and a soup detox dinner, have the same goal in mind: to help you shed the dangerous thick fat around your abdominal region. Houghton provides numerous recipes and lists of healthy foods to eat for these meals. Some of these foods include organic eggs, blackberries, steak, carrots, and cherries. You can also expect to be cooking up some delicious meals, like Italian sausage soup, that will leave you feeling satiated while also aiding your weight loss.

Additionally, the nightly soup has particularly special, and affordable, ingredients. In fact, Houghton claims that most people actually have all the ingredients already stocked in their pantries. And lucky for you, he tells you how to put it all together in his book. This element of the Flat Belly Detox is arguably the most important, seeing as Houghton swore by this soup on his journey to a leaner, healthier weight.

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Thumbs UpMost, if not all, of the 10,000 people who have invested in Houghton’s Flat Belly Detox have raved about how quick and effective it is as a weight loss program. Participants have claimed that they feel infinitely better after going through the detox. Specifically, their energy levels and overall moods improved greatly. They woke up feeling ready to take on the day and take on any challenge they may face, as opposed to feeling miserable and turning to food for comfort before going through the Flat Belly Detox.

People who used the Flat Belly Detox to lose weight also had their confidence levels skyrocket. They loved their new and improved physical appearance, and received numerous compliments on their new figure as well. This improved self-esteem carried over to all other aspects of life; these people could go to the beach in their new bathing suits, go on dates without feeling insecure, and be more productive at work so that they could get a raise or promotion. In other words, the Flat Belly Detox has helped countless people take control of their lives and excel in all areas of life.

Another great part of the Flat Belly Detox program is that it’s so affordable. For under forty dollars, more than 10,000 people were able to reshape their lives, and figures, for the better. They were shocked at how easily available the program was; you don’t need to be rich, you don’t need to stock up on rare foods for a fad diet, and you don’t need any elaborate or expensive exercise equipment. Houghton himself said that all you need to complete the Flat Belly Detox program is a positive attitude and you’ll be losing weight in no time.

Users of the Flat Belly Detox were also pleased by how easy the book was to understand. There were no weird technical or medical terms that complicated the recipes or any part of the program. Instead, the language Houghton used was simple and to-the-point so that people who invested in his weight loss program could achieve their desired weight quickly and easily. The Flat Belly Detox is also aware of people’s busy lives and isn’t time-consuming in the slightest. In fact, a lot of people praised Houghton’s program for being so easy to incorporate into their hectic schedules. All you have to do is spend a few extra minutes in the grocery store to find the proper foods to eat while using the Flat Belly Detox.

Most importantly, you don’t have to do any exercise while using Houghton’s weight loss program. The only exercise Houghton did while he used the Flat Belly Detox for the first time was walk his dog around the block. There’s no need for an expensive gym membership or overpriced fitness classes. You won’t have to do any high-intensity workouts or any exercise that could potentially hurt your joints, strain your muscles, and leave you feeling sore and miserable for days. You won’t have to worry about hurting yourself just to lose weight; all you have to do is buy some ingredients from the grocery store and prepare them according to Houghton’s detailed step-by-step guide.

Additionally, participants were pleased to know that the Flat Belly Detox works for people of all ages. People from thirty to eighty years old have successfully used Houghton’s detox program with results that helped them live happier and healthier lives. There’s no need for prescription drugs, physical pain from intense exercise, or starving. All you need is a few secret and effective recipes that Houghton spent hours developing. Now you can have access to all of it for a small price with a big payday.


While Houghton hasn’t received any outright complaints about his detox program and book, some of the users have commented on some aspects that could be improved. Specifically, some people disliked that the Flat Belly Detox is an online program. A few people would have preferred a physical copy, but the information in either version is still effective and well-written, thanks to Houghton’s effort to help others have a great transformation like he did.

Some participants also mentioned that, while the Flat Belly Detox is extremely effective, it still takes time. Houghton’s program is designed to take place over the course of three weeks, not two days. Some people grew impatient or discouraged because of how long it took, but they found that after the first week they were already on track to lose the weight they needed. By the end of the program, these people were thrilled with their results. All it took was some extra patience and perseverance.


Regardless of your age, gender, or target weight, Houghton’s Flat Belly Detox is a simple, affordable, and effective program to help you lose weight. You can forget all about prescription medications and weekly doctor visits to monitor your weight. You won’t have to worry about paying for overpriced gym memberships and fitness classes. You don’t have to starve yourself. In fact, with the Flat Belly Detox, you don’t have to make any real changes to your lifestyle. All you have to do is purchase Houghton’s “fat-burning bible” and follow his simple instructions. Before you know it, you’ll be looking and feeling better than you could have ever imagined.

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