Fast Fat Loss

Get Fast Fat Loss With The GM Diet

Losing weight safely usually doesn’t go hand in hand with fast fat loss. A well rounded diet with exercise means you’ll likely lose weight but many individuals want fast weight loss. The fast fat loss diet that I will go over here is supposed to be able to give you a 10-17 lb weight loss over 7 days. This diet has been around for some time and is touted to be one of the best fast fat loss diets around.

The diet was initially developed by General Motors for their employees and families of employees. However, it was leaked years ago and many people have used it and lost lots of weight with it. It was created with a grant from the FDA and was endorsed by GM. This 7 day diet will also help to cleanse your system.

Fast Fat Loss

Fast Fat Loss Diet from GM … Are You Up To The Challenge?

Although the diet seems tough it really isn’t. There is a variety of things to eat and the time span isn’t long at all. Let’s face it, losing that much weight in a week is a goal that many of us will keep on our minds.

There are a few rules that go along with the GM fast fat loss diet which are listed here:

  • Glass of WaterYou must drink at a minimum of 10 glasses of water each and every day of the diet.
  • No alcoholic beverages while on the diet. You can have a glass of wine or beer, but keep it at a 2 drink maximum. Any hard liquor or creamy drinks is prohibited.
  • Fruit juices are only allowed on day seven of the fast fat loss diet. Do not consume fruit juices before then.

For beverages during the day you can have the following while on the diet:

  • Water (You can flavor the water with lemon/lime juice if you prefer)
  • Black Coffee or Tea. However no cream, sugar, sweetener additives.
  • Club Soda 

The Fast Fat Loss Soup that You’re allowed to Eat

The following recipe can be eaten in any quantity on any day. This will help you get over cravings and also allow you to “flavor” your diet without sabotaging it. You can eat large quantities of this soup at any time during the diet. The recipe for this soup is below:

In a large pot mix the following ingredients together:

Lipton Soup Mix

  • 28 ounces of water
  • 2 green peppers
  • 6 large onions (yellow or white)
  • Cabbage (1 head)
  • Fresh or canned tomatoes (whole)
  • Celery stalks
  • 4 Onion Soup Mix envelopes by Lipton
  • Herbs and spices to flavor

Don’t add any salt to the soup and you can omit or change the quantities of the ingredients if you like to change the taste to better suite your desire.  It’s actually very tasty to begin with if you enjoy vegetable soup.

The GM Diet Plan Outline

This is the guidelines for the diet. Remember to drink 10 glasses of water for each day you are on the diet.

Day One of the diet

You are allowed to eat all fruits with the exception of bananas. Eating more melons and cantaloupes are recommended. You should see an immediate change in weight today (as much as 3 pounds). This actually is preparing your body for the diet. Since fruits are nature’s perfect food it’s used in day one of the diet.

Day Two of the diet

For today you will eat till your heart’s content of vegetables! That’s right you get to eat as many vegetables as you want and they can be either raw or cooked. To add a carbohydrate to your diet you will add a large baked potato for breakfast this morning. You can add a pat of butter (no more) so you get an oil dose. Most of the vegetables are calorie free and will give you many vitamins and especially fiber.

Day Three of the diet

I hope you enjoyed your potato yesterday because you won’t be so lucky today. Don’t eat any potatoes today, you’ll get your carbohydrates from the fruits you’ll be eating. But you can have as many fruits and vegetables today. You also can not eat bananas today. Although you’ll likely still have craving they should start to subside by the end of the day.

Day Four of the Diet

Today you get to eat up to 8 bananas along with milk and the soup recipe as well. This will give your body the needed potassium and sodium that it has been lacking. You don’t have to eat all the bananas. Your body should be shedding pounds now with this fast fat loss diet day.

Day Five of the diet

Today is the “meat lovers” type of day. You get to eat two portions of 10 ounce lean beef or you can substitute with ground beef. You will also need to eat six whole tomatoes as well for help with digestion and fiber. You should drink additional quart of water today. Your body should be getting cleansed and your urine will likely be without color. Eating all the beef is not a must but the tomatoes are. You must drink the additional water to shed your body of uric acid you will be producing.

Day Six of the diet

Today will be very similar to day 5 of the fast fat loss diet with beef and tomatoes. But today you get to eat as much as you want. Today will continue to give your body protein, iron, vitamins, and fiber. You should be noticing a change in your body from day one. Including more energy and less weight.

Day Seven of the diet

Congrats on making it this far in the diet. Today is the last day of the diet and you foods will be brown rice and all the vegetables you want to eat. You can also have fruit juices today. Your body should be completely flushed and you should have lost 10-17 pounds tomorrow by sticking to this fast fat loss diet.

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