Easy Exercise to Lose Weight

Easy Exercise to Lose Weight That Takes Only 10 Minutes Per Day

Losing weight can be difficult and it’s something that you’ll need to stick with for a while to see any real results. You can lose weight however doing exercises that are high intensity and they only take a few minutes per day. Read the rest of this article to find out the easy exercise to lose weight.

Easy Exercise to Lose Weight

There’s More Than One Easy Exercise to Lose Weight

Let’s face it, doing the same exercise day in and day out can become a bit tiresome. It may even lead you to quit your fitness plan prematurely. So I decided to include about 6 different easy exercises to lose weight. They are all high intensity and you can do them all in less than ten minutes per day. Most of these exercises you probably already know or have heard of so the learning curve should be minimal.

jumping jacksExercise 1: Jumping Jacks

Simple jumping jacks can be a huge calorie burner. In fact, you can burn 100 calories in just 10 minutes from doing jumping jacks. Be sure to land on your toes when doing jumping jacks so you don’t land so hard and possibly irritate your back.

Exercise 2: Stomach Crunches

Keeping with our high intensity theme stomach crunches are another great way to lose weight. Couple this exercise with full sit ups with an in between exercise for best effect. It can allow your abdominal muscles to relax a bit before doing full sit ups.

Exercise 3: Running / Walking in Place

Everyone knows that walking can help you lose weight. But doing high intensity walking or running even in place can burn much more calories than just a stroll in the park. Try to march and bring your knees high during the workout to also target your abdominal muscles as well. You can even make this a break exercise that you do for 30 seconds between other high intensity exercises.

squats easy exercise to lose weightExercise 4: Squats

Standing straight up with your feet shoulder width apart and your arms straight in front of you reaching you’ll then squat in this exercise. Simply bend your knees and squat down keeping your arms parallel to the floor.

This can have a huge effect on your legs and burn lots of calories. Keep in mind speed may not be as beneficial as you may think with this. Try to keep the form as much as you can for best effect.

easy exercise to lose weight with lungesExercise 5: Lunges

Another high intensity leg workout much like squats in lunges. Lunges can be difficult if you have troublesome knees so be sure to start slow and find your pace. It also pays to stretch before doing this and all other exercises as well. You can even add dumbells (like pictured) for an even more intensive workout.

Exercise 6: Steps

If you have a staircase in your home then chances are you know how intense going up and down can be. Doing step ups and downs continually are a great way to lose weight. It works heavily on cardio and can be high intensity as well. Consider just a small step to begin with and work your way up to higher steps once you get the full workout down.

Wrapping These Easy Exercises Together

Put aside 10 minutes per day and do these exercises and you would be surprised how much weight you could lose. Remember to start slow and build yourself up. These high intensity workouts can be a real drain on your energy so be sure to hydrate well.

If you have more exercises you think that might be useful and an easy exercise to lose weight then be sure to comment below. We’d love to hear what you think. You can also check out some of the popular weight loss programs that we feature here at Fast Fat Loss Online.



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