7 Workout Mistakes That Everyone Usually Makes

7 Workout Mistakes That Everyone Usually Makes

Heading to the gym to make yourself fit is a very nice idea, but hurting yourself while trying to get fit is a no-no. The 1st thing to have in mind when working out is, to make sure you don’t get hurt or incapacitated. A lot of people make mistakes that leave them feeling like they are wasting their time in the gym or better yet, they end up being frustrated and decide to end working out altogether, which by the way makes everything worse. So here, we will discuss 7 workout mistakes people make and how to avoid them.

7 Workout Mistakes That Everyone Usually Makes

Skipping The Warm-up

Loads of people do this. They just go into the gym and start going on deadlifts, curls and whatnots instead of warming up. Warming up helps in preparing and improving your nervous system for the workout you are about to undertake, most especially for people that are into high intensity workouts. It also helps in calming your heartbeats so your heart doesn’t skip, and it keeps away undue fatigue and tiredness. Doing some light activity that will make you sweat a little, will warm you up properly; activities like arm circles, brisk walking, squats and shoulder shrugs will definitely get you prepped for the exercise you are about to go for.

Dropping Out On Strength Training

This is another mistake a lot of people make when working out, they avoid strength training completely. Studies show that strength training helps in enhancing and building strong connective ligaments, tissues, tendons and brain muscles. It also helps in preventing the Alzheimer’s disease by promoting powerful hormones like the brain- derived neutropic factor. Strength training include yoga and body weight exercises.

Get The Help Of A Fitness Trainer

This is essential to people who don’t know how to reach their goals on workouts. No matter what your goals are -be it losing weight, gaining strength, improve performance, endurance, anything- you need the help and advice of a good fitness trainer. Fitness trainers can help you create a schedule that will make you meet all of your set goals and they will also show you the proper ways by which you can carry out your exercises.


Overtraining makes your body go into some kind of shock that will make your body hold on to fat instead of shedding it, which is what you want. Your appetite is also bound to grow, if you over train. Don’t assume that, the faster you go, the faster you reach your goals, NO, you are only giving in to burnouts and injury. Instead start slow and build your intensity slowly. Allow your body to rest during sessions so you can have more productive results.

Never Changing Your Workout

Doing the same exercise every day, is a mistake a lot of people make. When you continue repeating one thing for a very long time, you get so good at it, it starts to feel like an habit. That, is the rule of adaptation. It applies to workouts too. Performing the same type of exercise or exercises, make you so good at it, you become very efficient with that exercise. For sports performance, it might be ok but, for weight loss, physical progression and strength increment, it’s not ok. Doing the same workout for the same period of time can lead to you hitting a plateau where you notice there’s no change occurring on your body. So try to change your workout plan every week or every month, this is going to help.

7 Workout Mistakes That Everyone Usually Makes

Measuring The Wrong Results

A lot of people make the mistake of measuring the wrong things and that is why they think their workout isn’t working. People use scales to determine, how much weight they’ve lost without knowing that while the body sheds fat and muscles build up, the muscles take up the weight of the depleted fat since it is the one building up. To get correct progress of your workout, take note of your body, check out your cholesterol level, blood pressure and take note of how you go about your daily activities. Checking the rate at which your heart beat at a given pace is also part of the idea, doing a follow up on the amount of weight you can lift and measuring the amount of distance you can reach in a certain amount of time.

Cardio Assumption

Most people think running is the only effective way to do their cardiovascular training but the thing is no, it’s not the only way. Running for a long distance is ok, that is, if you don’t overdo it, but they are more efficient and effective way to run cardio. High endurance training such as running for a full hour, puts extreme stress on your heart. It’s true that stressing a muscle can make it stronger but, what about excessive stress? And the heart muscle is what we are talking about here. Research has plainly shown that short blasts of extraordinary action are more secure and more successful than traditional cardio—for your heart, general wellbeing, weight reduction, and general wellness. Practicing at high power blended with times of moderate rest, a system known as high-intensity interval training (HIIT), is just one of the most ideal approaches to get fit as a fiddle, to some extent, since it delivers a gigantic support in human development hormone (HGH), otherwise known as the “wellness hormone.”

One of the best parts is that the workouts are extensively shorter than you’re most likely used to and include as meager as four minutes of extraordinary movement consolidated with rest, for an aggregate workout of just around 20 minutes. Find more weight loss tips at Fast Fat Loss Online.

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