Snacks Low in Calories That Are Actually Delicious

5 Snacks Low in Calories That Are Actually Delicious

When you decide to start losing weight there will always be times when you need a snack to help with cravings. Most people get a snack that is high in calories and totally destroy their diet. Even though they still eat a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner they can still make weight loss more difficult simply because they eat snacks that aren’t healthy. This article contains 5 snacks low in calories that actually taste delicious and won’t wreck your diet.

5 Snacks Low in Calories That Are Actually Delicious

Snacks Low in Calories That Are Actually Delicious1. Low Calorie Vegetables with Dips

One of the healthiest snacks that you can munch on is vegetables. The problem most people have with vegetables for a snack is they’re just too bland. Sure I love to eat carrots but eating them each and every day can get quite mundane. The solution to this dilemma is to eat healthy low calorie dips to spice up the taste and give it that extra kick that can make a huge difference in taste. Check out these low calorie dips that are less than 100 calories.

Kernel Season's Sweet Seasoning 2. Plain Regular Popcorn with a Kick

Even when you’re not at the movies a great snack is popcorn. Well, that is popcorn that isn’t loaded down with salt and extra butter. Plain popcorn is a great low calorie snack that only takes a few minutes to prepare. But to really get a kick in your popcorn without adding loads of unhealthy saturated fats and ingredients you’ll need some toppings. One of the best tasting toppings is Kernel Season’s Sweet Seasoning.

3. Eat Some Fruit

ripe bananasFruits can provide a variety of vitamins and minerals. The only problem that most people have with fruits with the calorie counts for them. For instance, a medium sized banana has just over 100 calories according to LiveStrong. You can also take a look at a recent article here at Fast Fat Loss Online on how healthy are bananas to learn more.

It’s important to realize that fruits can give you a boost of energy and a full feeling that other snacks may lack. You can also make some pretty great tasting smoothies from fruit as well. So next time you’re in the mood for a snack consider grabbing a fruit to get you over those cravings. If you prefer you can also eat dried fruit to snack on as well.

low calorie yogurt snack4. Yogurt

One thing that I absolutely love is Yogurt. And with so many varieties of yogurt it difficult to tire of this delicious snack. Most have heard that the yogurt helps promote good health by it’s good bacteria that helps your body. But there are also other health benefits to yogurt. According to Fitness Magazine yogurt can help you by giving you flatter abs and it’s loaded with vitamins and minerals. For an even better snack try some fresh fruit or make a fruit salad and top with yogurt.

5. Nuts or Trail Mix

A great snack that is low in calories is nuts or trail mix. They can be loaded with vitamins and minerals as well including protein. If you need a recharge for working out they can work great. Include some dried fruits in the trail mix and you’ll have a tasty snack. Plus, since the shelf life can be longer than most fruits or vegetables it’s easy to prepare lots of snacks at once. This allows you to make smaller snack sized packs that you can throw in your purse and take with you in case you get a craving.

Enjoy These Snacks that are Low in Calories the Next Time a Craving Hits

Keep a good amount of these snacks around the house for best results. The tougher it is to eat an unhealthy snack the better. Be sure to comment below or on our Facebook page on some snacks low in calories that you love.



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