13 Killer Foods for Fat Loss

13 Killer Foods for Fat Loss

Weight loss is difficult and one of the most important things to do when dieting is eating right. It’s not about how much you eat but more importantly what you eat. There are some foods that can wreak havoc on your diet and eating them is a bad idea. Once you’ve eaten fatty foods chances are you’re going to regret it. If that sounds like you then be sure to check out the 13 killer foods for fat loss that we’ve listed below. They can help you lose weight and achieve the body you want to have.

Our 13 Killer Foods for Fat Loss

13 Killer Foods for Fat LossOne thing that you may find in our list is foods that you don’t like. Foods that you don’t like usually means they are healthy for you or at least that’s what the quotations say. If you find a food that you don’t necessarily agree with then try to use a healthy alternative for that food. Many of the fruits and vegetables that you can eat are great for you so be sure to substitute with a healthy alternative if you really don’t like the taste that much.

Eat More Turkey

Turkey is one of the best meats that you can eat. Especially the turkey breast and it can be prepared in many different ways as well. Turkey contains lots of protein which your body needs. It also contains other needed vitamins and minerals which your body needs. The turkey skin however can be high in fat and should be avoided.

Oatmeal or Oats

One of the best things about eating breakfast is that it can really kickstart your day. Leave it to oatmeal to really kickstart it with it’s high concentration of fiber. It can give you a full dose of your needed fiber for the day if you eat it for breakfast. One way to make this bland breakfast meal more edible is to mix in fruits with it to make it more flavorable.

Eat More Peppers

Most peppers contain capsicum which helps you burn more calories during the day. Although the peppers may be problematic for persons with stomach problems. A great way to get the benefit from peppers and capsicum is by taking the supplement Capsiplex which contains the nutrient in a pill form.

Start Eating Grapefruit to Lose Weight

I’m sure you’ve heard of the grapefruit diet and how you can use it to help you lose weight but it really is a great food to eat and that’s why we included it on the 13 killer foods for fat loss. Grapefruit, like many other fruits contain many of the vitamins and mineral you’ll need each day and can really curb your appetite. Consider taking this fruit for breakfast.

Get Fishy with Salmon

Eating fish like salmon is great for you. It contains vitamins like Omega 3 and is low in cholesterol. Consider eating this dish rather than fatty white meat or beef which can really be bad for cholesterol.

Getting Chicky with It

Don’t forget about chicken when you’re preparing your food. It can really be healthy if prepared the right way. Consider eating the chicken breast without skin for the most benefit. Fried chicken with the skin in tact is not good for you. It’s comparable to turkey when you only use the skinless breast meat.

Beans and More Beans

It’s no secret that most vegetables are good for you so why not include some in your diet. You can eat all sorts of beans that are good for you. Be careful with the seasonings you add however and when eating canned food be sure to check out the amount of sodium the cans contains.

Eat Some Berries

Snacking is one of the most difficult times for some people. They usually reach for a sugary snack that can destroy their diet. But instead keep some berries on hand to munch on. It can really take away those mid day cravings and they are healthy for you.

An Apple a Day

An Apple a DayI’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “An Apple a Day keeps the Doctor Away”. Although I think this saying was meant to teach kids to eat a fruit each day it stands for adults too. Munch on fruits like apples and bananas when you’re hungry. They taste great and they are good for you.

Eat Some Walnuts

Walnuts contain the vitamin Omega 3 but be careful as many of the prepared nuts can contain lots of sodium and oils. Take a good look at the nutrition label when buying any sort of nuts for your diet.

Enjoy Some Green Tea

Green Tea contains lots of vitamins and minerals that you need. It is one of the more healthy beverages you can drink when compared to things like soda and other sugary drinks.

Eat Some Whole Grains

Get some whole grains in your diet and get the fiber you need. Many breakfast cereals contain whole grains but be sure to check the nutrition label for other ingredients that aren’t so good for you.

Drink Water

One of the best things you can eat of drink is water. It contains no calories and it’s great for you. Consider drinking water instead of sugary drinks during the day. Even if you only cut out a few sodas during the day you can make a huge difference in your diet.

These 13 killer foods for fat loss can help you lose more weight than you may realize. Consider substituting your current diet for some of these foods in your weight loss efforts. If you want to add to the list be sure to comment below with your suggestions and why. We’d be glad to add them to the list.

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